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Qualcomm NASDAQ: QCOM is a wireless telecommunications research and development company based in San Diego, California. It was founded in 1985 by Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi, who previously founded Linkabit. more...

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Qualcomm Stadium 8x10 Photo San Diego Chargers Football $4.99 Qualcomm Qcp-2700 Cell Phone U.S. Cellular $4.99
San Diego Chargers vs Carolina Panthers @ Qualcomm (2) $230.00 Oem Battery Kyocera Qualcomm 2119 2135 2119B Cell Phone $0.99
San Diego Chargers vs Indianapolis Colts @ Qualcomm (2) $360.00 San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncos @ Qualcomm (2 Tix) $280.00
Mexico vs Argentina Soccer Qualcomm Lfield 33 $150 eac $300.00 Popular & Handsome Kyocera Rave K-433L Cdma Cell Phone $0.99
New Qualcomm 820/1920/2700 Lithium Ion Battery $6.99 Used Globalstar 1600 Satellite Phone $50.00
Mexico vs Argentina Soccer Qualcomm Field 19 $85 each $170.00 Qualcomm 1600 Globalstar Accessories Kit $9.99
globalstar satellite phone, qualcomm $300.00 San Diego Chargers vs New England Patriots @ Qualcomm $460.00
Verizon Kyocera Kx444S! Cheap New Phone 1 Year Warr $57.00 Battery Qualcomm Q860 Q-860 Model Txbat031 Li-ion $5.99
Sheryl Crow, On The Green @ Qualcomm San Diego 8.21.08 $279.99 Qualcomm Stadium Replica San Diego Padres Sga $9.99
Brand New Kyocera Qualcomm 2035 2027 White Sprint Phone $9.99 New Software Development for the Qualcomm Brew Platf. $44.99
Qualcomm Rapid Car Adapter Qcp-2700 Qcp-820 Qcp-1920 $5.00 New Oem Qualcomm 860 1960 2760 Car Charger Txcla031 $0.49
Brand New Kyocera/Qualcomm Se47 Holster Beltclip $1.00 84 used Air Cards / Cell Phone, Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson $0.99
San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders @ Qualcomm (2) $240.00 6 Kyocera Cdma used mobile phones+chargers $9.41
New Swivel Belt Clip Holster for Qualcomm 5135 $0.01 San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs @ Qualcomm (2) $220.00
San Diego Chargers vs New York Jets @ Qualcomm (2 Tix) $220.00 Qualcomm Car Charger Txcla031 for Qcp-860, 1960 & 2760 $1.99
Lot of 5 Popular -Qualcomm Qcp-1920 Sprint Cell Phone $4.99 2 Mexico vs Argentina - San Diego, Ca. Qualcomm. Jun 4 $249.00
For Kyocera Qualcomm 7135 Faceplate Cover - Black Cats $3.98 Cell Phone Car Charger Sony® Cm- Qualcomm® Qcp- $0.99
Qualcomm Pdq800 Smartphone Cradle Charger Txdtc041 $1.99 Qualcomm GlobalStar Gsp1600 Handheld Satellite Phone $299.00
San Diego Chargers vs Atlanta Falcons @ Qualcomm (2Tix) $220.00 Kyocera Se47 $0.99
Verizon Wireless Broadband Connect Card Kyocera Kpc650 $69.95 Kyocera Smartphone 7135 Palm technology Grt Condition $79.57
Bell Kyocera 5135 Great Phone/Complete package $23.00 Globalstar hands free car kit for qualcomm 1600 $30.00
Good Kyocera Marbl Cell Phone Virgin Mobile Free Ship! $9.99 Danbury Mint Qualcomm Stadium replica - San Diego Nfl $19.99
Qualcomm Globalstar Gsp-1600 Tri-Mode Satellite Phone $49.99 Qualcomm Wireless Accessory-Txcla031 -Dc12V-Dc4.2V New $6.95
Qualcomm Zip Leather Case for cell phone + Pda $3.99 New The Qualcomm Equation . $14.41
Qualcomm/Pdq 800/1800/Car Charger/New $0.99 New Oem Qualcomm 860 1960 2760 Headset Adapter $0.49
San Diego Padres '03 Coca-Cola Qualcomm Stadium Pin Hot $1.99 *Qualcomm Omnitracs Satellite Unit* $250.00
New Qualcomm 860 1960 Car Charger and Leather Case $0.49 New Kyocera Qualcomm Qcp2035 Swivel Spring Clip Holster $1.49
Kyocera 2325 3G Cdma Qualcomm Cell Phone Qwest $0.99
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